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United Central Bank (+)

Client: United Central Bank was a $2 billion Asian owned institution started in 1987 to serve the Asian community in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area. Engagement – President & CEO

Challenge: UCB was under a C&D and was struggling with various issues throughout the organization. As the CEO stated, “I’ve been in banking for over 35 years and never seen anything quite like this.” The bank had serious BSA, credit, capital, management and compliance issues as well as Director Fraud and ongoing lawsuits.

Objective:: To clean up the major regulatory issues and to sell the bank. We were retained to identify, attract and recruit a veteran banker with extensive experience in troubled institutions, excellent regulator relationships along with experience in loss/share agreements and M&A transactions.

Results:: Within six weeks, we presented 3 candidates to the board. Once the board made their decision, the candidate started as CEO within 12 weeks of the start of the search and was approved by regulators and within eighteen months, the bank was successfully sold to Hanmi Bank in Los Angeles, achieving the client’s objective.

Private Community Bank (+)

Client: 50 year old $800 million private community bank based on the west coast, focused on maintaining their excellent reputation in their community. Engagement – President & COO and CEO Successor

Challenge: The bank had just parted ways with their recently hired President & COO and was committed to finding a candidate that would be the right cultural fit.

Objective: To identify an executive with the ability to run the banks day-to-day operations with the intention of transitioning to CEO over the next [two to three] years. The executive needed to be a growth driver with strategic planning expertise and experience successfully building and leading teams.

Results: We spent a day at the bank’s Headquarters meeting and interviewing the executive team and several of the board members. Despite minor challenges recruiting candidates who were willing to relocate to a rural area, we were able to successfully attract an outstanding individual who has excelled in his role.

Bank of Jackson Hole (+)

Client: Bank of Jackson Hole is a $700 million community bank in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Engagement – EVP, Trust & Wealth Management.

Challenge: The growth in the trust and wealth management division had stalled. Despite being an extremely wealthy region, Jackson Hole has one of the highest costs of living in the country, which makes it difficult to recruit best-in-class candidates.

Objective: To identify and recruit an executive to design and implement a strategic development plan, hire, train and manage trust officers and support staff and manage individual and corporate trust accounts.

Results: We identified candidates who were either from or familiar with Jackson Hole, a major tourist destination, and who were comfortable with the cost of living. We successfully recruited a highly qualified and successful candidate with excellent leadership skills who is thriving in his role.

NASDAQ Commercial Bank (+)

Client: $9+ billion NASDAQ commercial bank based in the Midwest. The bank is the second largest banking company headquartered and operating branch offices in the state. Engagement – EVP & Chief Information Officer.

Challenge: In mid-April of 2007, the Bank was at $3.5 billion in assets and growing and needed to completely overhaul the entire IT department.

Objective: To identify and recruit a Chief Information Officer who could accomplish the following:
•Establish a leadership role in the IT services division;
•Develop and implement a strategic plan for the IT services division;
•Create and implement controls, structure, best practices and a service-oriented culture throughout the IT services division;

Results: By mid-May we had already identified several strong and qualified candidates. The chosen candidate officially started in his role by early June and successfully completed the overhaul and turnaround of the IT operations, setting it on the right course for the future.

Update: After seven successful years, the CIO decided to move on to a new role and we were reengaged to recruit his replacement. Both the bank and the new CIO are thriving, as evidenced by the $5.5 billion dollar [transformation / growth].

Institution Based in the Midwest (+)

Client: $5+ billion institution based in the Midwest. The bank is one of the nation’s largest privately owned institutions. Engagement – President & Chief Operating Officer and CEO Successor

Challenge: As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, in 2010 the bank was put under an agreement with the Federal Reserve and borrowed Tarp money. The CEO was doing a tremendous job getting the bank back on track and was looking to put a succession plan in place to ensure the bank continued in the right direction.

Objective: To identify a candidate with the educational credentials, connections in the region and the experience to lead a large but community based institution. The chosen candidate would be tasked with driving revenue growth, generating asset growth and transforming the sales culture.

Results: In less than three months, we presented a slate of 4 high-caliber candidates who fit the Bank’s profile. Within four months, one of our candidates started as the new President & COO. During the next 12-18 months the current CEO decided to step down after an amazing 14 year run. Our candidate was promoted to President & CEO and has continued the turnaround momentum, as both the bank and its new CEO are performing exceptionally well.

Baltimore County Savings Bank (+)

Client: Baltimore County Savings Bank was an $800 million mutual savings bank based in Baltimore, Maryland. Engagement – President & CEO

Challenge: BCSB was a victim of an approximate $11 million check-kiting scheme and as a result, the CEO resigned.

Objective: To identify and recruit a new President & CEO who was familiar with the local marketplace, be easily be approved by the regulators and could get the bank back on solid footing.

Result: After meetings with the board to determine their immediate needs and long-term goals, we recommended a swift course of action. Within two months, we presented several candidates and within three months the bank hired a new President & CEO, who was quickly approved by the regulators.

Update: The newly appointed CEO was successful in making tremendous strides in effecting change, completed the mutual-to-stock conversion and a within a few years successfully sold the bank.

Federal Credit Union (+)

Client: 80 year-old $2.5 billion growth oriented Federal Credit Union based on the west coast. Engagement – Chief Operating Officer and CEO Successor

Challenge: The Credit Union was lacking a comprehensive succession plan and would need to replace the CEO in 12-24 months.

Objective: To find an executive who could develop and implement the following strategic initiatives:

• Engage, broaden and excite membership base and drive loyalty
• Transform the Credit Union’s culture to be more focused on sales and customer service
• Develop and implement innovative marketing programs and initiatives to achieve target goals for deposit growth, loan growth and member satisfaction and loyalty
• Develop superior methods to acquire actionable information about member needs and accurate measures of member loyalty and satisfaction

Results: Working closely with the CEO and head of Human Resources, we conducted a national search and targeted executives with strong sales, marketing and operations backgrounds. Finding someone with the character and intellect to drive growth and take the organization to a new level was a critical component of our search. Our client hired a local candidate who had the skills and experience necessary to excel in the new position and eventually take over as CEO.