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In today’s complex and technology driven environment, finding an executive to join your company is a daunting task. Since 1988, Kershner & Co. has represented thousands of organizations from start-ups to multi-billion dollar financial institutions in both rural towns and large, metropolitan cities. Executive Search is the foundation of our business, and banking has been our focus.

We’re excited to meet and work with new organizations and meeting with transformative boards and hiring teams. We are constantly reengaged by former clients and referred by industry insiders, which is a testament to our wide, interconnected network of leaders and successful results.

Our dedication to your recruiting needs begins immediately – by listening. We seek to understand each client’s strategic goals, the specific leadership roles and competencies needed to meet those goals, and the culture that new executives need to embody.

We take an aggressive, hands-on approach to recruiting talent. Through competency and behavioral interviews, leadership questionnaires, references and our deep market knowledge, we evaluate, identify and then recruit the right leaders – leaders not only technically sound and aligned with your corporate vision, but can also achieve the goals set for your institution.

As a boutique firm, we believe that deepening relationships with a small group of clients leads to a mutual partnership that produces a greater return on investment. We don’t believe in recycling candidates and we’re not encumbered with internal conflicts and hands-off issues.


Our client base includes Community Banks, Regional Banks, (Fintech) Financial TechnologyCompanies, Thrifts, Mutuals, Credit Unions, Subchapter-S Corps, Private Equity and Private Equity Portfolio Companies, Not-for-Profit Financial Associations and Trust and Wealth Management Organizations.



We specialize in recruiting and placing senior leadership talent at the executive and board level including; Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Directors, Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Chief Operations Officers (COO), Chief Risk Officers (CRO), Chief Compliance Officers (CCO), Chief Human Resource Officer’s (CHRO), as well as, other key executive positions.