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Throughout the entire engagement, each client works directly with our Principal, Bruce Kershner to ensure a highly personalized process.

Our approach is honest and professional and we are committed to providing constant, candid feedback to help you make the right decision.

Our own uncompromising standards guarantee that we present only the highest-caliber executives to lead your teams.

How it Works

Establish Search Priorities (+)

• Meet with the client to review and analyze challenges and determine their objective
• Determine what the ideal candidate will look like based on skills, knowledge and experience
• Offer insight and a fresh perspective on how the client should be thinking about their needs
• Develop a customized position and detailed candidate specification, outlining the company, role, responsibilities, goals and key challenges that come with the position along with the skills, knowledge and experience required for success
• Clearly define client priorities and expectations

Develop a Search Strategy (+)

  • Conduct targeted research to find candidates with relevant skill-sets and qualifications
  •  Draw upon our extensive network of senior executives, industry insiders and third party contacts in order to develop a list of prospects best qualified for the role

Attract & Assess Candidates (+)

• Approach potential candidates to present the opportunity and gauge interest in the role
• Conduct objective and thorough interviews with candidates to access competency and character
• Develop a short list of candidates with the interest and qualifications for the role

Present Highly Qualified Candidates (+)

• After extensive assessments and interviews, present the most highly qualified candidates
• Facilitate logistics for all client / candidate meetings
• Serve as the liaison for all client / candidate interactions, closely monitoring all interviews and decisions to ensure productive communication

Our 7-Step Process

Executive Recruiting Process Timeline