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Executive Search
Banks & Financial Services

Leveraging three decades of search experience in the Financial Services space, Kershner & Co. specializes in recruiting top leadership talent for •Community Banks •Regional Banks •Credit Unions •Fintech’s •Non-bank Financial Institutions •Private-equity and PE Portfolio Companies.


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Executives at financial services companies have become increasingly mobile. M&A activity, consolidation and regulatory burdens are driving forces behind this profound management upheaval. Future success depends on the capable management of two key resources: People & Technology.

In this ever changing and competitive environment, financial institutions must use care in choosing a search & recruiting firm to represent them in the marketplace. Companies must be confident that their recruiter possesses the ingenuity and technical aptitude to recognize, assess and present the best-qualified candidates. In the highly specialized financial services arena, that confidence is especially important – and therefore more difficult to earn.

In over thirty years since its inception, Kershner & Co. has earned that confidence. We have distinguished ourselves as the go-to executive search firm boutique in the financial services industry. We work with a range of financial services institutions including; community banks, regional banks, credit unions, financial technology (Fintech) companies, private equity and PE portfolio companies, non-bank financial institutions and not-for-profit financial organizations.

We specialize in recruiting and placing C-Suite Executives and Directors, including; Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Board Members, Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Chief Operations Officers (COO), Chief Risk Officers (CRO), Chief Compliance Officers (CCO), Chief Human Resource Officer’s (CHRO), as well as, other key executive positions.

Since 1988, we have represented thousands of institutions throughout the country, identifying, evaluating and recruiting key executives who can successfully navigate the challenges that are facing the industry. Our practice is national in scope and we work on a retained basis.